Vésma Kontere Mcquillan


Vesma K. McQuillan is a professor at the University College Kristiania, Westerdals Faculty of Communication and Design, Oslo, Norway. She has been exploring the potential of architecture as a medium to create an identity for fashion designers, communities and places since 1996. First as a creator and editor of the very first Latvian fashion and lifestyle magazine “Pastaiga”, and later as an architect, designer and concept developer. She has developed the concept and interior architecture for the first high-end department store in Norway Eger Karl Johan, which opened in Oslo in 2009. Since 2015 her research has been focused on OMA/AMO collaboration with/for Prada. Particularly on the fashion shows, done in collaboration between AMO and Prada, and the design process behind the scenes. In 2018, to explore the idea of Fashion Spaces in its different aspects such as architecture, fashion, music, image, and text, and also bring clearness in the terminology, McQuillan organised the symposium Fashion Spaces Westerdals at the University College Kristiania, Oslo. The results of the symposium will be manifested in a printed publication: Fashion Spaces/The Theoretical View, a book with academic content that has the appearance of a fashion magazine. Release of the book in Europe on February 18, 2020; in US/Asia on April 21, 2020.

Poster av Vésma Kontere Mcquillan: